Medieval Banquet and Show with Prosecco in London for Two


Step back in time and join Henry VIII and his knights for duals, jugglers and a hearty meal fit for a king.

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This experience is not for those planning another Saturday night out at Pizza Express. If you are looking for a dining experience that will entertain and make you laugh out loud then this is perfect.

Laugh out loud as the carafes fill with wine, both red and white.
While the entertainment surrounds you, it’s a spectacular sight.
Burst into song if you are really getting into the theme.
Scoff on the cheeses, the chicken, and apple tart and cream!

Yes, take someone back in time to enjoy the medieval antics which are far from quiet and sedate. A fun night out guaranteed where you will be surrounded by excellent performers from dancers to acrobats! There are even costumes to hire if you really want to give it your all. Fun all the way from start to finish and you won’t find many nights like this up and down the country – it is brilliant. Whether you go as a couple or as a group, by the end of the evening there will be no strangers, just friends you haven’t met before. It is an evening that brings you all together in fun and song and a bountiful banquet of course.

You are encouraged to participate and this unique gift is a truly family friendly experience. The atmosphere is buzzing from the second you arrive.

So if you have been made responsible of organising that all important Christmas Party, a family occasion or looking for a Thank You gift with a difference, you won’t be disappointed, especially if you get invited too.


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